LOVIN’ TIPS 2020-07-08T15:16:15+00:00

To keep your radios
and headsets alive
and ready to go
next season!

Lovin’ Tip 1 – Keep your FREEDOM radios on their chargers, with the chargers turned on all winter long.

The FREEDOM smart chargers keep your batteries charged and healthy while using less electricity than a night light.

We recommend you check the FREEDOM radios once or twice a month to insure the light on each charger is green.  Each time you check, pull the plug on the charger for a second or two and plug it back in to re-cycle the charging process.

Never discharge a battery on purpose.  Never store a discharged battery.

Lovin’ Tip 2 – Remove the fabric earsocks and the foam windscreens from your headset.

Wash, rinse, and dry them thoroughly before you put them in a plastic bag until you need them next spring.  We recommend you add a “sweet smelling” dryer sheet to the plastic bag.

Lovin’ Tip 3 – Box up your radios and headsets and send them to us.

We clean them, check them, repair them (if necessary), and return them to you as close to “brand new” as we can make them.  Cleaning and checking costs $15 a radio and $15 a headset.  You get a list of everything you sent us with serial numbers and details of work done for your records.