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Exclusively from American Electronics!

Double Talk Headset – When you need to hear the safety crew AND talk to the drivers.

The BOSS Double Talk noise cancelling headset allows you to have the FREEDOM on the right side to talk to drivers and the FREEDOM on your left side to hear and talk to the safety crew.  Push the right button or the left button to send what you say into the single microphone.  In an emergency, you can push both buttons and talk to all.

Order model BOSS DT – 229.90

Travel Case Charging System – When you need to take your show on the road.

12 smart chargers mounted in a heavy duty travel case keep your FREEDOMs charged and ready to use at home or on the road.  A single power supply and cord eliminates multiple wall plug-ins.  This charging system also allows you to easily take your radios home with you when you do not want to leave them at the racing facility.

Order model TCF – 149.90