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Need more radios for

the BIG one?

We have everything to rent for the weekend.

Radios are $10, sanitized headsets are $8, and speaker mics are $5.

Plus, you get our travel case FREE to keep everything organized.

In addition to American Electronics’ weekly rental program –

AE’s racing season lease

Refurbished UHF FREEDOM with new battery, and channels to match your existing radios – $100

Refurbished BOSSII headset – $100

Refurbished LMF lapel speaker/microphone – $20

Refurbished single smart charger and transformer – $15

Refurbished STF, 12 charger Smart Charging System – $45

You will receive a 25% refund if leased items are returned before Dec 1 or you can keep them at no additional cost.

American Electronics will repair leased equipment, if necessary, at no charge through Nov. 1.

You are responsible for shipping costs to and from American Electronics.

Refurbished equipment available for racing season lease is limited in quantity.

CALL SUSAN at 1-800-872-1373 with your needs to confirm availability.

Effective January 1, 2021