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Looking for a complete radio system or a few radios to add at a price you can afford?

Call Susan at 1-800-872-1373.

Susan will tell you what we have on hand to meet your needs.

Our Recycled Used FREEDOMs, headsets, and accessories have a few scratches on the outside, but they have been completely updated and repaired by skilled technicians on the inside.

Recycled Used FREEDOMs have NEW batteries and are programmed to match the frequencies and privacy tones you use now or will need in your new system.

Every Recycled Used FREEDOM, headset, or accessory is completely checked out before you receive it and is backed by a 1-year parts and labor limited warranty.

Recycled Used Bargain Prices


FREEDOM-UHF (order model RU FREEDOM-U) – $110

FREEDOM-VHF (order model RU FREEDOM-V) – $110


Lapel Spkr/Mike (order model RU LMF PLUS) – $25

Privacy Spkr/Mike (order model RU SMF) – $30

Smart Charging System (order model RU STF) – $100

Single Smart Charger (order model RU SSF) – $15


BOSS II (order model RU BOSSII) – $110

BOSS II Doubletalk (order model RU BOSSII-DT) – $150

BOSS ONE (order model RU BOSSone) – $100

EARS (order model RU EARS) – $110

EARS Doubletalk (order model RU EARS-DT) – $150

Recycled Used EXAMPLES

FREEDOM-U Radio (order model RU FREEDOM-U)110
BOSSII Headset (order model RU BOSSII)110
FREEDOM Charger (order model RU SSF)20
FREEDOM Belt Clip (order model CLF)3.49
10FREEDOM-U (order model RU FREEDOM-U)1101100
8BOSSII (order model RU BOSSII)110880
2Lapel Mikes (order model RU LMF PLUS)2550
1Smart Charging System (order model RU STF)100100
10FREEDOM Belt Clips (order model CLF)3.4934.90

Terms, conditions, and prices effective July 1, 2024

When You Save $$$ with R U, U R Helping Save the Environment.

Electronics are an integral part of life in the 21st century. They’ve changed how we work, learn, play, and connect. As we own more and more electronics and continuously upgrade them at home and work, we create e-waste at an incredible rate. But to date, the world simply has no way to responsibly deal with the amount of e-waste being created.

We must rethink electronic waste and consider the whole lifecycle of the products. It’s time to question our relationships with our devices and why we do what we do.

Why do we replace instead of repair? How can our devices find second or even third lives? How can we reclaim valuable resources, minimize toxins and maximize the power of our electronics to do good?

It will take all of us working together to make electronics sustainable with zero e-waste.