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Noise Cancelling Headsets

American Electronics’ exclusive headsets are the “top eliminators” of the noise that interferes with communications at speedways and drag-strips.  American Electronics especially designed these headsets to exceed the unique demands of American Motorsports.  American Electronics assembles every headset in the USA to guarantee the quality we designed.

BOSSII – The dual ear BOSSII is built to take the rough treatment it gets from race officials.  When things get quiet, the BOSSII can be comfortably worn as a single-ear headset by putting one ear-cup behind, or partially covering, one ear to allow normal conversation with competitors or other officials.  It plugs into the radio and the user pushes the button on the headset to talk.

Order model BOSSII – 189.90

BOSS ONE – Like the BOSSII, but the BOSS ONE covers only one ear.  American Electronics does not recommend this, or any single-ear headset, to be used near the noise of racing.

Order model BOSS ONE – 179.90

EARS – The EARS has all the features of the time-tested BOSSII, but the EARS headset has the head band behind the head where some users prefer it.  The noise cancelling microphone adjusts on a flexible boom which can be positioned on either side of the user’s head.

Order model EARS – 189.90

Just bought a speedway?  Just getting started?
Here’s the 10 radios and 8 headsets system we suggest:

Qty. Model Each Total Description
10 FREEDOM‑U 189.90 1899.00 FREEDOM, UHF handheld  two-way, 16 channel
8 BOSSII 189.90 1519.20 BOSSII, dual ear, noise cancelling, headset
2 LMF PLUS 39.90 79.80 Lapel speaker/microphone for FREEDOM
10 CLF 3.49  34.90 Belt clip for FREEDOM
1 STF 129.90 129.90 Smart charging system for FREEDOM
 Total cost 3662.80
 LESS 5% discount
 YOU PAY 3479.66