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Call us before sending your equipment for our CHECK OUT service –

Your telephone call to 1-800-872-1373 is not required, but it will help us “keep an eye out” for your shipment and plan for its arrival.

When you send your radio equipment for our CHECK OUT service –

Send us all your FREEDOMs, headsets, and accessories as soon as it is convenient after your racing season ends in the Fall. Your opportunity ends when less than 45 days remain until you need them for your first event in the Spring.  We use this “off season” – generally October to February – to clean and service all your communications equipment and return all as close to “new” as possible.  The equipment you send for Check Out will usually be returned to you within 10 working days after we receive them.

FREEDOMs, headsets, and accessories which do not work properly can be sent for REPAIR anytime.  We try our best to return REPAIRs by the next weekend after we receive them.

What radio equipment should you send for our CHECK OUT service –

Send us all the FREEDOMs, headsets, and accessories you used in the previous season.  Each FREEDOM radio should include the antenna and battery.  Send all your headsets, lapel microphones, and charging equipment, including the transformer which plugs in for power.

Attach a note to known “bad” items sent for CHECK OUT service –

Share any information you have about the item’s failure. We especially need information about a failure that occurred after a period of use or when an item has been reported to fail multiple times.

How to pack equipment you send for CHECK OUT service –

Wrap each FREEDOM in a protective cover secured by a rubber band.  A FREEDOM in foam or bubble wrap is best, but many people use material at hand like folded up newspaper pages.  The antenna should be unscrewed and rolled up with the FREEDOM in the protective cover. Headsets and lapel microphones do not need special protection.

If you have a Travel Case Charging System, pack the transformer power supply and connecting cord in a protective cover along with as many wrapped FREEDOMs and headsets as possible in the case.  Choose a shipping carton large enough to the hold the travel case.  If this carton is large enough, place all the equipment which did not fit inside on top of the case in the box.  Secure these loose parts with packing material before you close the carton.

If you have a Smart Charging System (chargers on a plastic base), pack it at the bottom of a shipping carton.  Place the protective wrapped transformer power supply and the headsets on top of the charger system. Place the wrapped FREEDOMs and any other accessories on top of the headsets.

If you have a second Travel Case Charging System or wrapped FREEDOMs, headsets, and other accessories which could not be sent in the first carton, send a second carton with as much as possible packed inside the travel case.

Shipping the cartons for CHECK OUT service –

We recommend you ship using UPS or FedEx and insure the contents for half their replacement value. If you ship UPS or FedEx, send to:  American Electronics, 713 Brookview Drive, Greenwood, Indiana 46142. 

If you ship using the United States Postal Service, send to: American Electronics, PO Box 301, Greenwood, Indiana 46142.

Enclose a note when you ship for CHECK OUT service –

Tell us where to send your equipment when our CHECK OUT is complete, your telephone number, email address, and the date you will first need to use the equipment. 

Unpack your equipment immediately after it is returned –

Put the FREEDOMS in their chargers and make sure the chargers are “on” and the FREEDOMs are “off” as soon as possible. Keep them charging until you need them for the first event of the new season.  We suggest you pull the plug of the charging system, count to five, and plug the charger plug back in to recycle the battery light from red to green every two weeks when the FREEDOMs are not in use.

Need more help? Call Susan at 1-800-872-1373